My father Sri.Rangaswamy chettiar from Coimbatore suffered severe disc diseases in the L4-L5 region and was operated by a super specialist. But even after the surgery he did not find much relief. He had severe pain in his low back and was finding it difficult to walk independently.

It was then that we came to know from a Christian priest regarding the God-faithed, service minded Dr.S.Narayanan and a then 7 bedded “Amrithakripa” – Narayana Ayurveda Chikitsalayam located in a small village 30 kms away from Palakkad.

My father was admitted and underwent treatment thrice in June 1999,Jan 2000 and Dec 2000. He found more or less complete relief from his pain. From then he used to stay every year in this hospital for rejuvenation of the body and that helped him stay fit.

We have also referred many friends and relatives to Dr.narayanan and most of them have found relief for their pain and related problems. We are very proud of Dr.Narayanan and his both sons and daughter in laws carrying forward the lineage and taking care of the hospital (which is now a 35 bedded hospital with all modern amenities) and patients with zeal, sincerity and determination.

S.R.Ramesh, Coimbatore

I was suffering from Lumbar Spondylosis as well as Cervical Spondylosis from last two months. The pain was excruciating and I tried different treatments including modern medicine with little relief to show for. One month ago I got information regarding Amrithakripa - Narayana Ayurveda Chikitsalayam from one of my friend. This is situated in a small village called Chittilamcherry in Palakkad district of Kerala.

I was under treatment for 12 days as advised by the doctors from the Chikitsalayam(Hospital).After 12 days of therapy and the intake of medications regularly as prescribed I have found more or less complete relief from the pain.

The doctors are excellent and confident, staff good and polite. Quality of food is very good, and the place is hygienic with 24*7 supply of water and electricity. All types of necessary facilities are provided at an affordable rate. I strongly recommend for all those who are suffering from spinal cord problems. The ancient science of Ayurveda is made available in its traditional form with sincerity and dedication.

I want to thank all the doctors of the Chikitsalayam for giving me self-confidence and speedy recovery.

Anirudha P Mardikar, Silavassa

Thanks to Dr Narayanan that I am living a healthy & Normal Life.Suffered from 1986-96 from Ankyolysing Spondolytis which was diagnosed quite late as Orthopedics could not detect the problem.Came to know about Dr Narayanan through a common friend.Was almost bend and literally struggled to sleep & perform routine activities and was in hell of pain. Did my first treatment in 1996 and went almost 6-7 times and could see the difference in posture and was almost out of pain.I have not taken pain killer since appx 18 years.

At present can walk for almost 8-10 kms at a stretch and have also started Gym thrice a week to improve muscle strength.

Ambience is also very positive and half of problems are solved with Positive attitude of Doctors and the wonderful friendly Staff. Basically more than the hospital one would get a homely feeling.

Hitesh Jeevan, Vadodara, Gujarat

In 2006, I met with a motor vehicle accident that resulted in a permanent dislocation of my clavicle (collarbone). Up until 2010, I faced a great ordeal of symptoms that limited me from completing simple acts of daily living such as buttoning up my shirt or putting on my shoes. This was due to the fact that my right arm was always positioned in a 90 degree angle, with cyanosis to my arm(bluish-purple discolouration), and unbearable pain. I had met with innumerable surgeons, pain specialists, and neurologists from the best hospitals throughout the city and they came to the conclusion that even with a surgery, my recovery rate would only be 20%. I heard about Narayana Ayurveda Chikitsalayam in 2012 through a friend of mine, and to say they completely changed my life forever would be an understatement. I was greeted with open arms, and such generous hospitality. The first treatment I did lasted for 21 days, and already I was 50% better by the time I left from there. During my stay there, I never felt like my safety was in jeopardy, the food was delicious, and the various treatments were very authentic to their form of healing. Although I don’t speak the language fluently, it was never a problem, as they are multilingual and very well-rounded. From then onwards, I have been going consecutively every year and continue to do so. I now have full mobility in my arms, there is no more pain, and I feel like my health is the greatest its’ ever been. I have been able to return to my regular routine, and even specialists that I once encountered are stunned at the recovery I made through herbal medicine. More than the treatment itself which was phenomenal, I want to thank the staff, doctors and nurses of this clinic for their endless generosity and love which is so evident in all that they do. They have become like family to my family and I, and I can guarantee that they will stop at nothing less than excellence to make your stay unforgettable and your health reach new limits. My family and I are extremely grateful to the staff of this clinic and for helping me in this journey back to recovery. Thank you Narayana Ayurveda Chikitsalayam.

Panchalingam Rajendran (Toronto, Canada)

Thank you to doctors and staff of the Amrithakripa for their kindness and hospitality. My husband,Kumararajah (who suffered a brain stroke and had difficulty with the movement of hand and legs) and I (had pain in lower back and neck ) stayed for 14 days and the experience was extremely wonderful. We were treated very well and had more flexible movements upon completing the treatment. Our therapists were also extremely courteous and humble. Our room was comfortable and clean, staff were courteous and food is good. Surrounded by a simple village lifestyle adjacent to a Bhagavathi Amman temple coupled with weekly Amma bhajans at the centre on Thursday. Authentic Kerala ayurvedic treatment at an affordable price. Highly recommended.

P.Susmita menon, Malaysia

From my first visit to the center (xxx enter number of years) years ago, I look forward to going every year because I feel stronger and rejuvenated afterwards. My eldest daughter always comments that I come home looking better, and happier. It’s true because the treatment helps ease the severe back pains and the shooting pains down my left leg considerably. I just feel so good at the end of my stay here.

For the first two years, I went twice a year, and the condition improved so much; after that I just go annually for `maintenance', as a pick-me-up. I really feel good after the twice-daily massages over the 10 days I usually spend there; the morning massage is different from the afternoon one. In between massages, I just rest, watch TV or read; and I relish the simple but tasty vegetarian meals brought to my room.

My doctors are very good, they check on me twice a day and we discuss my progress. The treatment oils and poultices are all made there with natural ingredients.

It is most convenient that the centre provides pick-up and drop-off service at the airport. My room is air-conditioned with an attached bathroom, and laundry service is available; the staff are helpful and supportive.

The centre was introduced by a friend; and since then I have recommended it to many others who have benefitted from going there. It’s a great place! Even my daughter has been there, and her treatment has helped her, too.

Vittoria Miranda